Having a event and need it live streamed?

Invite your guest to Online/Virtual Events, We can live stream your event with multiple cameras and push your live stream to multiple sites all at once.

Professional cameras capture the live stream and our live production team handles advanced live editing and then push out to our hosted streaming site, Facebook, YouTube or even all of them at once!

We provide professional live Stream setups solutions | setup/manage the streamed video + cameras


Editing and Content Creation

Live Stream Events HD Quality

Live Broadcast Pre Recorded Videos

Live Events Mixing and Editing


  • Cinema cameras
  • Quality HD Video
  • Pre-event Live link
  • Share worldwide
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Chat Options & more.
  • We use portable wifi too if needed
  • Youtube link live for rewatch
  • Get a copy of the event at the end of the day in a USB drive.

Live-streaming – Single or multi-cam live recordings of staged events at the venue with optional streaming to software like Zoom or services like Youtube. With professional live-streaming, you get crystal clear picture, sound, graphics both on-screen and full screen, as well as multiple camera angles – all captured live, and with the capability to be viewed as a recorded video afterwards; one of the many features of professional live-streaming that you won’t get from cell phone video through a social media platform.

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